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Navigating the Loss of Your Spouse

Northstar helps you rediscover life on your own

The loss of your spouse can be the most stressful life event you might face

Moving through this life transition takes longer and is more complex than most people realize. If you feel like the ground is shifting, are stressed and overwhelmed, your decision-making capabilities have completely fallen through the cracks. This is normal!


At Northstar, we understand that emotions often highjack your sense of well-being and true purpose, clouding decision-making.  We act as your thinking partner, trusted advisor, and advocate during this challenging period helping you move from grief to growth.


Getting the right help will allow you to absorb the shock of change, stabilize your life, and eventually move forward with clarity and confidence.  We will use our skills and experience to guide you through the financial steps that are necessary to protect you and your family, now and in the future, including:


  • Creating a new vision of the future

  • Stress testing your life and financial options

  • Cash flow and sources of income

  • Financial resources and commitments

  • Estate Settlement and retitling

  • Insurance

  • Income Taxes

  • Investments and real estate

  • Business ownership issues

We help you sort through the complicated personal and financial issues and prioritize what needs to be addressed now and what can be taken care of later.   This process will help you regain your balance and increase your financial security helping you to make better decisions.  As your confidence grows, we work together toward rebuilding and reimagining this next phase of life.  

Download When Two Becomes One Widow's Guidebook for helpful considerations.

When Two Become One Widow's Guidebook - Part One

Get the Survivor Checklist 

Download our Survivor Checklist to make sure all the important details are remembered during this stressful time. 

There are a number of important actions that need to be taken during this highly vulnerable time.

This checklist will tell you exactly what to do and in what order as you begin to move through this transition so you can gain peace of mind knowing you are financially ok. 

To receive your copy of the Survivor Checklist, please provide your contact information.

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