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Where Your Wealth and Well-Being Connect

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On Your Life Journey, Change Is a Given

Life changes can be joyous, unsettling, unexpected or intentionally planned. At Northstar Financial Planning, our team is here to guide you through any transition life brings your way—and towards the financial security you deserve. 

As your life evolves, we strive to enhance your well-being through holistic Wealth Management.

A Message from the Northstar Team

"Particularly during periods of transition, people need help navigating both the human and the technical side of money to successfully align their decisions with what is truly important in their lives.”

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Life Transitions…

What is a major life transition?

Retirement, sale of a business, divorce, loss of a loved one, or health change are all examples of extreme changes. 

Are you experiencing one?

How do you feel about managing this on your own? Where would you put yourself on this journey?

How are you managing it?

Clients in transitions have unique needs, such as how to identify and work through the behavioral and cognitive struggles that can lead to regret.

We Want To Help You Find Your Way Through Your Life Transition

Our goal is to help you




Who We Work With

Women Confronting a Life Change

Whether you’re going through a divorce, dealing with the loss of a spouse, or experiencing another change, serving the needs of women at every stage of life is our commitment.

Let us help you thrive personally and financially.

Small Business Owners & Executives

When attention and energy is split between family and work, high-performing professionals often lack the bandwidth to optimize their financial lives.

Work with us to create a plan towards long-term financial freedom.

Couples Preparing for the Future

You’re in your high-earning years and in your career stride, preparing to send kids to college, and may be caring for aging parents. You want a plan to connect the dots.

We create a holistic strategy to support your goals.

Those Who Are Retired or Soon to Be

Come retirement, it’s critical to strike a balance between embracing your vision and ensuring you won’t outlive your nest egg.

Gain the plan you need to experience a confident retirement.

Given our level of specialization, we’ve found that our services provide the most value to those with one million or more in investable assets.

Discover How Our Services Work

Northstar at a Glance

Expert Team

Blending expertise, understanding and specialty training, we help you navigate every life chapter.


We are paid directly by you rather than earning a commission on products or solutions sold.


We are held to a legal and personal standard to provide recommendations that are in your best interest.


Our independence means we can access all solutions to identify the best options for your needs.

All-Women, Mission Based

Supporting and empowering each other so that we can support and empower our clients to thrive personally and financially.

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