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Grief Counselor

What does it take to help a client who’s grieving? When someone is mourning the loss of a spouse, parent, or other family member or friend, advisors need to provide empathy as well as financial guidance. In episode nine, Robin Young joins the Beyond the Portfolio podcast to discuss her specialization serving women in moments of transition, especially widows, which often brings her face-to-face with clients who are grieving. Learn her advice for how to handle these types of emotional situations by listening here.

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Risk Management, Personal Safety, Financial Security

Life is full of risks. Some life events like retirement, are known, but others may not be as predictable, such as an account breach, caring for an aging parent, or entering a new relationship. On December 9th, 2021 Risk Management Consultant and Founder of Faer Risk Consulting, Jack Faer, joined Kristina George of Northstar Financial Planning to discuss: How to Consider Managing the Following Risks: Data Breaches Cyber Adversities and Hygiene White Collar Prosecutions Weather Disasters Alzheimer’s Dementia Projections Elderly Exploitations Continuity Planning …and How to Connect Non-Financial Risks to the Financial Picture!

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