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Women's Reinvention Workshop

Our Reinvention workshop proved to be lively with many stories and an exploration into our own true self – the attributes that make us who we are in this world.  We discussed the difference between who you want to be versus what you want to be in creating your new story.  We learned that the process of reinvention can be lengthy, especially if you have endured a sudden transition such as death or divorce, and it's important to give yourself compassion and time. Stabilizing your personal and financial currency and making sure that you are safe and secure is the first step in the reinvention process.  It is hard to imagine changing your life when your foundation is shaky.  Building a strong foundation includes nurturing yourself, finding your resilience, understanding your financial situation and creating a support system.  We provided worksheets for use in creating a plan at home that are available upon request.

SAVE THE DATE –– Wiser Women Workshop on Wednesday, April 3 from 6pm to 8pm

Smart Investing for Women - Many women pay the bills, write the checks, plan and budget but don't get involved in the investments.  In doing so, they are inexorably giving up control of their financial future. Research shows that women are better investors than men.  So why aren't more women empowered to learn about investments?  Why aren't they more confident about their abilities in this area?

Let's explore!  Join us for a conversation about the roadblocks women have to learning more about investments - you will find that you are not alone. Learn how gaining this knowledge in a safe comfortable environment can help build your confidence and lead to more control over your personal financial future.

Workshop attendees, we forwarded your donations to the Women's Fund of NH. Thank you!  The Women's Fund of New Hampshire is committed to supporting programs that empower and build self-esteem in women and girls. Please visit www.wfnh.org to see where your donations are going.

We are considering several other workshop topics and would appreciate your input into topics that would give you value.  Please share any ideas that you may have!

Written by Robin Young, CFP.

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