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Summer Travel Risks

With summer fast approaching, we turn our attention to risk management.  The pleasures of travel are familiar but the increasing risks facing traveler's today may not be.  If you or your family are traveling this summer (or anytime), please take some time to review the attached Vacation Safety Checklist and Travel Whitepaper provided by Hub Insurance.  

Robin has been busy working on the vision for the firm over the next five years. We continue to deepen our experience with ongoing training in helping clients in transition. Our commitment to understanding both the emotional and financial implications of a transition has accelerated our ability to help clients in this area.

Our goal has always been to grow slowly, organically with a focus on providing the highest level of service to our existing clients. This is aligned with our firm mission of helping clients versus spending time on marketing campaigns. With your help and the help of the other valued professionals we work with (CPA's, Attorney's and Insurance agents), we will add ten new relationships this year. Please let us know if there is anyone in transition that you feel would benefit from our services.

Kristina is enjoying her first tax preparation free tax season in many years! She loves spending her time helping clients in a more holistic way and has been a wonderful resource on tax issues. Please feel free to call her if you have any questions while gathering your data for your income tax filings.

We conducted our investment committee meeting this month and reviewed our target portfolio allocations for optimal risk / return. There will be only minor changes to portfolios as we have decided not to make changes to our asset mix this year. Alexa has started the annual rebalancing process in client accounts.

It has taken someone with a great administrative leadership to handle the move, the issues surrounding a building renovation and ongoing management of the building. Tina has really held the ship together and we want to recognize her role in this process!

Your feedback about our services is always welcome.

Robin and your Northstar team

Written by Northstar Financial Planning

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