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Wealth & Well-Being

Discover the Journey: Becoming a Financial Advisor

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Welcome to the fourth feature of our new series, How I Came to Be a Financial Advisor. Through this year, we've been highlighting one team member in our newsletter who will share their background in, passion for, and future plans in the financial planning profession. There is truly something special that each individual brings to our team, and we can't wait to share it all with you.This month, get to know Kristina George, Partner and Wealth Manager at Northstar.

1. What drew you to the financial planning profession? 

Combining the analytical side of our profession with the long term relationships.  I love that this work is not transactional.  I feel privileged to be involved in our clients lives the way we are. 

2. Were you in a different career before you became a financial planner?

I was a CPA for 16 years before I began financial planning. I concentrated on tax preparation and planning strategies for those years, which I think is a nice value add to our financial planning.

3. Were there any personal experiences that shaped or motivated you to enter this field?

My dad passed away, unexpectedly at 51.  I was 7 and my mother, a SAHM, was left with 5 children and a pile of bills.  Watching her struggle through grief and having to take charge of the finances for the first time really shaped my understanding of how important financial knowledge is.  

4. What do you like most about your profession?

My days are varied and interesting.  I get to help people in a very real, tangible way and I am able to utilize my financial knowledge to help clients make informed decisions for themselves.  

5. What motivates you professionally?

I am energized when I can problem solve collaboratively with a client.  I'm happiest when I am continuously learning something new.  

6. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

My personal relationships with my clients and colleagues. I feel fortunate to do work that I love with people that I respect and enjoy.  

7. Do you have any outstanding professional goals you'd like to achieve that would add to your value as a financial planner?

Too many to list - I am really focused on learning what would benefit our clients most in the near term.  Some topics that are coming up frequently are; student loan planning, longevity and long term care issues and financial planning for clients with specials needs family members.

8. What are you most excited about, looking at the future of your career?

We've had a change in ownership here at Northstar this year, with the four of us joining Robin in the partnership.  I'm so excited to continue on this ownership journey with these amazing women who i respect and learn from every day!

Written by Kristina George in collaboration with Lexicon Content Development 

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